Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get there?

Please see here for directions.


Where do I park?

We have a gravel parking lot accessible at the Woodcrest Lane entrance with overflow parking on the grass below. Street parking is available on Woodcrest Lane as well.


Where do I go?

Our Sunday celebration is in the Red Barn. Our Sunday morning peace meditation and other meetings are in the Yellow Barn.


Where do my kids go?

Our children's program meets in the lower level of the Red Barn.


What is the Sunday celebration?

Our Sunday celebration is the foundation of our community where we gather and celebrate life with music, song, story, reflections and meditation. Our celebration is a flexible and dynamic experience; it can be exciting, touching, and thought-provoking.


How long is the celebration?

The celebration begins at 10:30 a.m. with announcements and concludes around noon.


What does the church believe?

We are an interfaith community and peace site dedicated to celebrating diversity in religion and in all aspects of life. We follow no particular doctrine, and honor each person's spiritual path.


What do I wear?

Pebble Hill is a casual and relaxed place to be. Feel free to sit, stand, or move about, and to wear whatever clothes make you most comfortable.


What about pets?

Well-behaved pets are always welcome.


What else happens on Sunday?

We offer a peace meditation in the Yellow Barn on Sundays at 9:00 a.m. Immediately after the Celebration on the second Sunday of each month, we have Peace Soup Sunday, where we share a simple lunch of hot soup or have a picnic outdoors. 


What happens on other days?

We have a variety of spiritual programs, committee meetings, and frequent social events, and
we host a number of 12-step recovery meetings. For further information, see our


Are you accessible to the handicapped?

Our Red Barn is ramp accessible, but our ground level rest rooms are located just 80 feet away in the Yellow Barn.


Are the facilities available to rent?

Certainly; we are happy to host a wide variety of functions here. For information, go to rentals.


How do I become a member?

See our membership page.


What else is there to do at Pebble Hill?

We cherish personal expression and creativity. Volunteer for any group that suits your interests or start one that does. Currently, our community offers gatherings that focus on personal growth and liberation, music and the arts, health, education, environmental stewardship and world peace.


How is the church supported?

Our operational funding comes from many sources: member pledges, donations at celebration and other events, our art gallery and facility rentals.


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Thanksgiving Dinner

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