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February 2016

Dear Pebble Person,


It is that time again for us to reevaluate our relationship with Pebble Hill Church. For me, it has been a wonderful year of giving and receiving. There is so much new going on - new people, new energy, new ideas, and new concepts of Spirituality.


Possibly, you might want to join us in this newness, to relook at your set of beliefs or new ways of looking at your life. As Council President, it certainly has done that for me, and it would be wonderful for you to join in or increase your relationship with us.


Of course, it is pledge time. That once a year time to evaluate what this place has done for you and what you might contribute in a monetary contribution, but more than that, a contribution of yourself, your ideas, your talents to this grand experiment in a growth and spiritual experience.


Please check out our Web site at to see what is currently happening. What, of all that, you would like to be a part. We certainly honor any and all of your contributions and commitment to Pebble.

Having been part of this grand experiment since 1973, it is such a joy to see someone who has not been around recently come through that door. It brings a smile to my heart, but possibly not a name to my mind!


With a loving heart,


Carolyn Penta, Council President.




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Feb. 19

From Dogma to Spiritual

Feb. 26

Nicaragua Sunday

March 5

The Inspiration of Higher Wisdom with Rich Barconi


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