The 16 Pebble Principles


1. PH is inclusive. We welcome all, regardless of race, mode of dress, religious background, social standing, financial status, sexual preference or sense of humor. There is no litmus test. The only requirement for membership is asking for it.

2. PH is non-judgmental. We do not have standards against which we measure the choices others make.

3. PH is person-oriented. We celebrate each individual and raise each other up to be a beacon of Spirit, regardless of past mistakes or personal differences. We see God working in and through us, communally and individually.

4. PH is trusting. We trust that others will accept who we are. It is trust that makes it possible for us to be ourselves. Without such trust, we could not reveal our stories–and it is our experiences that instruct and bind us together.

5. We share our beliefs. This creates a rich atmosphere in which spirituality blossoms. Everyone is seeking the Way and is eager to hear about the spiritual journey of another. All religions and spiritual practices are respected equally.

6. We minister to each other. Everyone is unique and has a unique ministry to impart. This can not happen unless we are open to each other, so an element of ministering is remembering to be accepting of others.

7. PH has no dogma or hierarchy. No one tells us what to believe. We are led by Spirit on fresh paths of discovery. As we are unique spirits, we are seekers of a spiritual way that may be unique to each of us.

8. PH is creative. We celebrate life through art, music, dance, plays, ritual, relationships. We are free to show our gusto. Talent is not mandatory.

9. PH is democratic. Stemming from our belief that God made no favorites, we give everyone his or her say. Our council is elected. Any member may run for a seat.

10. PH has no gender or sexual bias. We are a bastion of sexual equality, where men and women work together as equals and routinely share responsibilities.

11. PH is joyful. Most of us believe in a loving universe, therefore, we come together in joy. We dance, move to rhythm, clap, shout and laugh. We applaud nearly everything–sometimes even prayers!

12. We share feelings. We try to understand and relate to the emotional states and needs of others; we offer and receive support gratefully. We are considerate and gentle.

13. PH celebration space reflects the PH spirit. It is distinctively open, full of possibilities, constantly being modified. We have ever-changing artwork, plants and floral displays, seating arrangements and musical combos. Candles and natural objects that vary from Sunday to Sunday enhance our altar. The sunlight finds many avenues into our meeting room. Our views are of grass, trees, plantings and the sky.

14. PH puts everyone in the show. Celebration is arranged so that banks of seats face each other, making the attendees themselves a focus as well as the speakers and entertainers. This enhances the celebration experience as the audience becomes part of the show. In addition, many celebrations feature multiple members of the community “up front,” where they share their lives and taste the love and applause of the community–an extremely empowering experience.

15. PH encourages ministry through touch. Recognizing that touch is both therapeutic and spiritual, hugs are not uncommon. Personal boundaries, though, are paramount and to be respected.

16. PH is affirming. We affirm the humanity of all, and the spiritual inheritance of each individual. Everyone’s gifts are important. Everyone’s journey is important. Everyone’s dream is important.


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