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Pebble Hill Interfaith Community and Peace Site

We live a life
by love transformed
by spirit empowered
by creative imagination guided
in peace with all.

Pebble Hill Church was founded in 1968 as an alternative expression of the Reformed Church of America, which was the North American offspring of the Dutch Reformed Church. We were a project of the Reformed Church and the Doylestown Presbyterian Church.


Celebrations began in the upstairs of the Yellow Barn, which was constructed by volunteers on the foundation of the original barn on the property. The Red Barn was completed in 1969 and Celebrations moved to that space, which is still used today.


In the years from 1968 to 1990, Pebble Hill Church was part of the Classis of Philadelphia of the Reformed Church and made many innovative contributions with new forms of worship and new ways of thinking. Opposition to the Vietnam War and a longing for peace were important in our early history. In 1984, Pebble Hill was officially recognized as a Peace Site. In 1990, the Pebble Hill Church community voted to leave the Reformed Church and become an independent Interfaith Community.


Pebble Hill's vision of the future is that of a harmoniously evolving community of individuals fully empowered by Spirit.


We, of Pebble Hill Interfaith Community, are dedicated to living mindfully as a family in the spirit of love, compassion, unity, freedom, honesty, integrity, and service.


We see ourselves as ministers of peace and spiritual growth, safeguarding the earth and all creation. Our primary purpose is to honor diversity and to be a safe place for personal and spiritual growth. We respect the dignity of each person and we awaken to the spirit within each of us which acknowledges that we are all one.


Since our founding in 1968, we have created and empowered new visions, offered new forms of celebration, and joined old and new traditions. We are exploring what it means to be a living organism, a family of families, a community of co-creators who embrace all the world's spiritual traditions.


We are committed to building community in an atmosphere of shared responsibility. We welcome a broad spectrum of ideas, beliefs, and lifestyles.  We believe that each person is a unique expression of God and has a special gift to offer in the building of our liberating and celebrating community.


We invite you to join us as we explore the positive, expanding energy of Pebble Hill and travel together on this journey of life, love, spirit, creativity, peace, and joy.

The Sixteen Pebble Principles

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